Writing about yourself is never easy, especially when you want to make an impression in the online dating world. We're here to help people ages 40+ -- whether single, divorced or widowed -- write and create profiles that stand out from the crowd. 

Just getting started?  Feeling a little nervous? Or, perhaps you're looking to give your profile a refresh and aren't sure how to begin. Either way, don't worry. Our team of thoughtful and professional interviewers and writers is ready to craft your online dating presence.  

"I'd tried online dating on and off for years before I worked with IT'S A DATE.  The first person I met, after posting my new profile and pictures, has turned out to be just who I was looking for all these years.  Five months and counting ... thank you IT'S A DATE!" -- P., female, age 43, MA

With over 40 million Americans over the age of 40 dating and 7 million of them doing so online, you want to be your best and need a catchy headline, an appealing profile, photos that make an impression and a just-right email to that someone special to put your best foot forward.

We ask all the right questions and turn your responses into words that capture who you are today—with all your talent, wisdom, and humor. Your unique profile will reach out to tap just the right person, the one who says, “Ah, I’ve been looking for so long, and there you are.”

Email us at info@itsadateprofile or call 978-884-4758
and we'll walk you through the service, answer any questions
 and help you get that great date.